Vaccine May Turn HIV Into Minor Infection

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A group of Spanish researchers claims that they have developed a potent vaccine that may reduce HIV into a minor chronic infection similar to the herpes virus.

Professor Mariano Esteban of the Spanish Superior Research Council tested the vaccine named “MVA-B” on 24 healthy patients. According to him, 90 percent of the participants have developed an immunological response to HIV, while 85 percent of them still had the response one year after receiving the vaccine.

The MVA-B vaccine contains four HiV genes that stimulate two types of white blood cells, enabling them to attack and destroy the HIV cells. The study claims that nearly 75 percent of its participants have developed HIV-specific antibodies to protect against the immunity-weakening virus.

Esteban plans to test the vaccine to people with HIV to see whether the treatment would provide therapeutic qualities. Despite these advancements in HIV treatment, the group notes that an antibody response does not make a person completely immuned from HIV and AIDS and that more research is needed.

Source: ABC News
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