30 Years Since AIDS Much Needs to be Done

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On this week 30 years ago, the disease later to be known as AIDS was first diagnosed. From a group of gay men in Los Angeles, the disease has proven that it spares no one as it has spread across the world, especially in developing countries. As of now, there are 33.3 million people globally living with HIV.

Major milestones have reached since the discovery of AIDS, especially in the quest of coming up with a cure. What was once considered as a death sentence, millions of HIV-positive people are able to live longer with the help of antiretroviral drugs.

Latest figures from the World Health Organization show an increase in the number of people from poor countries accessing the drugs, with a rise of 1.4 million compared to last year. Still, more than 9 million people have yet to get treated due to lack of accessibility in their own countries.

Antiretroviral drugs not only keep people with HIV away from complications, but also prevent them from passing the virus to their sexual partners. AIDS campaigners have since been calling to make these drugs more accessible to people as a way of slowing the epidemic.

In a research conducted by UNAIDS, the global rate of infections declined by almost 25% between 2001 and 2009, as people are beginning to adopt safer sexual behaviors, limiting their numbers of partners, and using condoms more. Although the results are commendable, experts warn the battle with AIDS is not over, especially with the danger of lowering funding for AIDS research.

Source: The Guardian
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