Most Detailed 3D Model of HIV Revealed

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A team of engineers, led by Ivan Konstantinov, has created the most detailed three-dimensional model of HIV to date. The model, which was presented through video, won first place in the 2010 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.

The 3D rendition created by Visual Science contains 17 different viral and cellular proteins, while the membrane incorporates 160 thousand lipid molecules of eight different types. All of the components are in the same proportions as in an actual HIV particle.

The model also shows the parts encoded by the virus’ own genome in orange, while the gray parts indicated structures that were taken into the virus when it interacts with a human cell.

The visualization, which was completed in a span of three months, was created after the team researched through over 100 articles on HIV. They then reconstructed viral proteins from X-rays before assembling the structure, with the help of experience graphic designers and 3D graphics specialists for finishing touches.

The model was featured on the cover of Nature Medicine journal in September 2010.

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