Doctors Claim Their Patient is Cured from HIV But

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A group of doctors in Berlin, Germany, claimed that a patient of theirs who had both leukemia and AIDS no longer has any HIV cells in his system after he has undergone cell transplant for his leukemia three years ago. However, the doctors are quick to caution that the case has impractical implications in treating AIDS on a worldwide scale.

The patient received stem cells in 2007 from a donor who carried a rare genetic mutation that increases immunity against the most common form of HIV. Three years later, a follow-up study (which was published in the journal Blood) confirms that the recipient is still free from both leukemia and HIV.

Although the treatment was a success, it is deemed unique. For one, the patient had intense chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment relapsed, which prompted doctors to provide another transplant from the same donor. Note that the donor’s gene mutation is seen in about one in every million people.

The doctors also estimate that the treatment has a 30 percent risk of death. However, according to them, it could provide a different view on gene therapy, which is one of the possible paths in treating HIV and AIDS.

Source: Business Week
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